Expert Consulting: Geospatial; Ruby on Rails; Social Media; Loyalty, Marketing, Sales and Performance Analytics & Systems; CRM; Strategy.

What we offer

Western Analytics offers a unique set of skills, technical solutions and services related to:

  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • Target Marketing Systems
  • Customer Centric Design and Business Process
  • Strategy
  • Social Media
We get things done fast and we get them done right. We work on any scale from any direction using agile processes for design, development and services.

eggFeatured App makes it easy for travelers in Colorado's main skiing region to check and communicate about weather and traffic conditions on the I70 corridor (the one that passes through the Eisenhower Tunnel) using the web and Twitter feeds. Western Analytics engaged in stategic discussions with The I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition leadership to conceptualize the sites purpose and design. The site was implemented using Ruby on Rails, PostGIS, the Twitter and Google APIs to pull tegother weather and traffic data from a host of providers including CDOT and our own Twitter followers.

Where we are

Our company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. While we draw talent from across the country (and, at times, the world) we believe in working with local resources as often as possible.

Boulder boasts a rich pool of committed technical experts due to the vibrant startup community, excellent technical programs at CU Boulder and the presence and influence of NIST, NCAR, Ball Aerospace and Google within the community. Boulder is also a center for innovation in the area of human potential and organizational development. This provides a rich source of leaders with years of experience in positive organizational change (skills too often underestimated on enterprise implementations and social media initiatives).

One of the core competencies of Western Analytics is our capacity to integrate highly successful and practical solution providers with the best thought leadership to achieve goals that would normally be far out of reach.

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